The Retail Industry is growing rapidly and with it a need for disruption. Data Analytics combined with Retail data would be an unstoppable force. Data Analytics can help the retail industry understand it’s customer’s behavior, help increase conversions via predictive analytics, increase discount efficiency and more.

How we can help

Bestintown Analytics has been helping companies operating in the retail industry to improve its efficiency and achieve high ROIs using cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning and deep domain understanding.

We can help you with

Our Approach

Our consultants will work closely with the company to understand the current business process to identify the gap and create data-driven strategies to solve the problem.

Here’s how we’ll proceed

  • Defining the data problem or the pain points to be solved
  • Decide the algorithms or techniques to be used to solve the problem
  • Collect and clean data required for the purpose
  • Build the model and analyze the Data using the appropriate tool
  • Present business impact and customer insights
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