The insurance industry has always been regarded as one of the most competitive and riskier. But Nowadays with the help of Data Analytics, the whole scenario is changing. Insurance companies are now using Machine learning and deep learning to reduce the customer acquisition cost, automate the undertaking process, reduce risk and defaulter and more.

How we can help

Bestintown Analytics has been helping companies in the Insurance industry to reduce their cost of customer acquisition and improve overall performance using cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning and deep domain understanding.

We can help you with

Our Approach

Our consultants will work closely with the company to understand the current business process to identify the gap and create data-driven strategies to solve the problem.

Here’s how we’ll proceed

  • Defining the data problem or the pain points to be solved
  • Decide the algorithms or techniques to be used to solve the problem
  • Collect and clean data required for the purpose
  • Build the model and analyze the Data using the appropriate tool
  • Present business impact and customer insights
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