ML, AI and Big Data Career Program

Duration: 140 hours

Price: CAD 5,000

Program Overview

Supercharge your career progression by learning to make decisions that are scientific and data-driven. The Analytics Expert Program is a unique high ROI program that integrates all facets of an analytics career; Math & Stat, Programming, Data Wrangling, Visualization, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics in just about 4 months of active learning. The program has cases from multiple business areas like Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR & Telecom and provides expert exposure to tools like R, Python, Excel, Hive & Spark. The program is led by an expert mentor and can be attended either in-class or live online. The program is one of a kind with integrated Kaggle Cases and a full-fledged independent project module to make you perfectly ready for a complete career transformation.

Course Coverage

Essential Mathematics and Statistics

– Ace our proprietary learning techniques (TiA) to understand how to find hidden patterns in data. The approach is scalable and highly recommended for professionals interested in analytics consulting.

Python for Data Science

– A unique basic to advanced level discussion to make you feel like an accomplished programmer. Experience multiple real-world use cases along the way to build your confidence.

R for Data Science

– Become proficient in R data transformations and get your raw data, ready for model building with confidence and class. Build some shiny apps and become proficient in dashboards.

Predictive Modeling

– Understand our proprietary model mechanics approach and gain the power to build robust models. You will learn to evaluate the models, improve their performance and communicate the results effectively. Power-pack your cv with cases in Finance, Marketing, HR and Telecom.

Machine Learning

– Implement ML algorithms that are Bias-Variance optimized. Learn to decide on critical business questions like Accuracy Vs Interpretability

Deep Learning

– Understand the world of Deep Learning from an application perspective using Python APIs. Ace applications like Computer Vision and Text Analytics to reinforce your learning.

Big Data Analytics

– Learn to build analytics solutions at Scale. Understand the Big Data Ecosystem and write algorithms using Hive & PySpark.

Artificial Intelligence

– Learn to integrate your ML and DL skills with business applications in AI and become a coveted talent.

Trainer Profile

Srikanth Balasubramanian has about 14 years of experience in training, consulting and software. He is a corporate trainer and an analytics consultant for Fortune 500 and MNC firms like VISA, Credit Suisse, Cisco, Honeywell, NXP, Metro, KPMG, PWC Analytics Advisory, Skoruz & Brillio technologies. He also has an extensive Machine Learning and Data Analytics consulting experience with SME firms like Merit Group and RVS Group, where he helped them set up new lines of business based on analytics despite constrained budgets and resources. He has a strong understanding of issues in analytics in the retail, marketing, and finance areas and has end-to-end capabilities to link analytical models to business goals and outcomes. He works closely with mid-career and senior folks in MNCs around the globe; USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, and India.

Topics Covered

  • Essential Math and Stat for Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Just Enough Python Programming
  • Just Enough R Programming
  • Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning Algorithms
  • Case Studies in Natural Language Processing
  • Case Studies in Computer Vision
  • Just Enough Excel
  • Just Enough SQL
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Big Data Ecosystem Products
  • Hive
  • PySpark
  • AzureML
  • Introduction to AWS
  • Introduction to GCP
  • Applications of AI in Business

Program Details

  • Mon – Fri (1 hour a day) and Sat (2 hours ) totaling 140 hours
  • Introductory Fee:CAD 5000 plus any applicable taxes

Early Registration Benefits

  • Personal finance analysis – evaluating rent vs buy decisions, amortization
  • Unlimited course access (Live online sessions) for a life time.

Refund Policy

  • 100 % Refunds less $25 as administration charges for cancellations made before the start of the program.
  • No refunds after the program start date.

Independent Project

All participants must submit an independent project to complete the program. The project will include the following phases:

  • Business Problem Identification
  • Project Plan
  • Documenting Data Requirements
  • Data Collection
  • Data Exploration
  • Data Cleaning
  • Model Building
  • Model Evaluation
  • Model Performance Optimization
  • Business Goals Optimization
  • Visualization and Communication of Key Results
  • Recommendation
  • Scope for Further Analysis
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